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Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Does it seem like the past couple years have been stolen from you? All those great goals, the timeline, everything you'd planned -- now seems like it's gone gone gone because of something way outside your control. A pandemic? WTF!

I was thinking about this and how it's kinda like a hurdler running a race, and they hit one of the hurdles and it takes them down. In this case it was a BIG hurdle and you're injured pretty bad, and it sucks!

But this race isn't over! No. This is just one of the hurdles and it's time to get back up and continue running!

Even if it seems like the race has been called for rain and everyone's gone home -- it hasn't and they haven't. And, that doesn't matter.

First thing every morning I read 3 motivational spiritual books. And, this image of the hurdles made me think of an entry in the God Calling book on June 9 about the runner and the hurdle. It's so great for right now:

"What would you think of the runner who threw himself on the ground in despondency at his first hurdle?"

That image is so ridiculous it makes me laugh. And if I can inspire you to get back on your feet and start running the race, take action now, that's exactly what I'm here for, and that's what I've written this book for.

Never stop running the race!

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