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Barbra Holden, Creator


I Was On My Own, And I Was In A Sticky Spot

It was several years ago and I was living happily on my own in my lovely home on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. The house had 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and I shared it with my dog and two kitties.


The only problem was that I'd just lost my job and was concerned about watching the cash flowing out but none flowing in.


A friend randomly suggested I could rent one of my spare bedrooms. After some thought I decided to look into it, but couldn't find any good, practical information for me (single woman, on my own, no family nearby) to safely and comfortably bring a renter into my sanctuary, my home.

I did what research I could, dug around any online sites I could find, and started the process...and I'm really glad I did!


Although it was awkward and bumpy at first (I made lots of mistakes, which I'll share with you later), but as I learned the strategies and techniques, it really paid off -- and,  actually it really was a Godsend.


What A Great Experience - And It Solved

My Financial Dilemma!


It turned out to be such a happy solution for me (and how wonderful to have that additional stream of income even after I got a great new job!) that I've repeated the process again and again since that first time.


I've always had a special heart for women, especially those of us in our 40's, 50's, 60's and on our own. (But, the concept also works great for men!)


So, from time to time, when I would run into someone in a similar situation, I'd happily share my secrets and techniques.


Fast forward several years, and a recently divorced girlfriend mentioned to me that she might have to let go of her beautiful home and move into a lesser place in order to reduce her overhead. I realized I could help save her the heartache of having to move, and help her stay securely in the home she loved.


There Was A System To My Success


I jotted down notes for her on the exact steps I'd taken to successfully find and rent to great tenants. And, being a writer and a systems geek, my notes turned into a detailed step-by-step System guiding her through each step of the process -- and avoiding the pitfalls.


And so was born the Guest Room Goldmine system. It turned out to be a valuable resource, helping her successfully navigate the process of turning an extra room to a source of passive income ~ and she's been able to comfortably stay in her lovely home!


I can't promise the solution to every money concern, but I've found that when done properly, renting a room to a tenant can be a real blessing, bringing you passive income from an asset you already own or rent, whether it's a house, condo or apartment.


These Are Such Unusual Times

We're in an unprecedented situation and there's lots of help out there -- or at least it seems like it. Checks went out to most Americans. Mortgage companies put payments on hold for a period of time, etc. which seemed like a good thing.

But you're wise enough to know those assists only took us so far!

Guest Room Goldmine isn't a get-rich-quick scheme or some kind of shell game to play with creditors. This System is a legitimate side business concept for leveraging your greatest asset - your home - and producing legitimate additional income with it.

And, in response to the current conditions, I've turned up the volume on the system, accelerating it so you can get up and running as quickly as you'd like.

But, PLEASE Don't Attempt This On Your Own!


Here's my one caveat: I don't recommend doing this without the kind of guidance I'm offering you -- you could end up in a bad situation that's uncomfortable at best, untenable at worst. And, it's always recommended that you consult a Realtor or Lawyer to get additional legal advice  (and I'm not a lawyer) when dealing with rental situations.


If You're Dealing With Any Financial Uncertainty At All, This Information Can Be a Life Saver


I hope this simple guide will be a blessing to you, too, and is a help in contributing to a safe, secure and happy life for you.


Wishing You Happy Renting!

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