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What If You Could Bring In An Extra $500 to $1,200 Each and Every Month, Simply By Renting Out The Spare Bedroom In Your Home - And Feel Safe & Confident Every Step Of The Way?
(Oh, and it's NOT Airbnb...)


Includes 30 Min. Coaching Session w/Barbra!

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Guest Room Goldmine is a simple, time-tested and practical system for bringing in reliable extra monthly income by renting out the spare Bedroom/Bath in your home to a highly-vetted Renter, on an ongoing basis, for as long as you want.

It's NOT Airbnb. It's NOT a revolving door of strangers invading your home and your privacy.

It IS a simple, tried-and-true solution that makes total sense. And with it you can produce unlimited extra income and get real traction to achieve your financial goals.

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The Guest Room Goldmine System  Only $29.97!

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What They're Saying

Gotta tell you, I didn't really realize how down I was around this Covid and not knowing where I waa going to end up. Now that I'm into your system, everything's back on track. I wish I had this information years ago...I could have made a fortune!


Austin, TX

Your guide has made such a change in my life, I had to tell you about it. I was looking into equity loans and refi or even trying to sell my house...but doing your plan quite literally saved me. I was skeptical at first, but I jumped in, and I'm happy I did! Thank you!! I feel like something good actually came out of this pandemic!


Cleveland, OH

Thank you for what you've shared with your book. It's allowing me to get back into enjoying life without all the worry.


Nashville, TN

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I Bet You Weren't Planning On THIS ECONOMY!!
And Maybe You Weren't Seriously Looking At Ways To Bring In Side Income, Either...

But, here we are! Maybe a little stressed and worried about the future. With all the uncertainty out there, what's that going to look like? You thought you had things pretty well planned out, you felt safe and secure, but that's now in question. It's a funky feeling, right?

Like so many others, you may still be in "financial repair" mode from the Pandemic when inflation started creeping in. And, you hate to admit it but you lie awake some nights, sleepless, worrying about what's to come in the next months and years as things "normalize" - if they ever do.

Will you be able to retire when you planned? Or maybe you're already retired. You weren't prepared for this. Streamlining monthly expenses. Possibly selling stuff?

You've thought about a Refi, maybe a Home Equity line of credit. Or even selling, (Now, THAT sure wasn't in your plans for 2021!)

This was not the plan! You're watching the money flow out, but none flowing in. You're wondering what's going to happen with your investments...



The Information Contained in the

Guest Room Goldmine Guide 

Can Literally be Worth Thousands to You.

This Could be The Silver Lining You've Been Looking For!

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and, just to HELP YOU GET off to a great start, included with the guest room goldmine system is a 30 minute coaching session with THE AUTHOR, barbra HOLDEN! 

You'll be able to ask any questions, share any concerns, and fine tune your Guest Room Goldmine experience with the expert who created the System!

Here's What You Get In The 

Guest Room Goldmine Guide

The Guest Room Goldmine guide is designed to put you back in the driver's seat, bringing in extra income when you need it.


Here's what you'll get...


  • The 85 page Guest Room Goldmine Guide (pdf) which takes you by the hand through Barbra's 3-Step system

  • The basic forms and checklists you'll need to make it a smooth process

  • Peace of mind and a high degree of confidence

And, here's just a bit of what's covered for you in the Guide.


  • Pro tips for vetting applicants

  • How to write a winning ad

  • Getting clear on your "House Rules" to minimize surprises

  • Tips and scripts for super effective applicant interviews that put you in control

  • How to gracefully say 'No' to those you don't want to rent to

  • Total confidence throughout the entire process

  • ...and much, much more


To the woman, man, or family who needs it, the Guest Room Goldmine guide is worth literally thousands of dollars, not to mention the security and peace of mind knowing you've got an extra source of income coming in, month after month, for as long as you choose.


It's up to you! BUT, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! This Guide can help you secure a good Renter within 30 to 60 days, so the sooner you get started the sooner you'll start seeing the money rolling in!

The Information Contained In This System

Can Literally Be Worth Thousands To You!


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The blog

The Backstory: How I've Been Getting 

'Paid By My Pad' For Years

About ten years ago I was living happily in my lovely home on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. The house had 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and I shared it with my dog and two kitties.

The only problem was I'd just been laid off my job and was watching the cash flowing out but none flowing in!


A friend casually suggested that I could rent one of my spare bedrooms. To be honest with you, had I not been in an uncertain situation I would have never even considered it, but after some thought I decided to look into it. I checked around but couldn't find any good, practical information for me (single woman, on my own, no family nearby) to safely and comfortably bring a Renter into my home, my sanctuary...


Barbra Holden, Creator

of the Guest Room Goldmine System

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